Strategy & Insights

In this world where everything is crying for urgent attention and immediate actions, we invest time and resources, dive into data and facts, collect influencer opinions so as to harness the power of insights and creativity to develop ideas and strategies that create effective momentum among investigated audience.

Content Creation

We curate messages, create contents and formulate style which come together as compelling narratives and articles worth sharing.

Media Relations

In the age where anyone can be an influencer with taps on their smartphone, media is becoming a stage where readers watch their favourite influencers perform. At TMG, we develop a dynamic way of media pitching to ensure both influencers and coverages to be on our side of the court.

Digital Activation

Social and digital marketing have evolved more than just number of followers or likes – what matters more is the genuine impact the virtual world brings to real life. Therefore, we establish two-way communications that not only adding an extra communication channel, but also cultivates an authentic community of fans.

Event Solutions

While our professional event partners put together the stage, we as ring leader of the event put together the contents, write up everyone’s speeches and make sure all the guests have a great time while sharing their experiences with peers.

Brand Visualisation

A visualised brand that the audiences can identify themselves with, is vital to the communication process. With deep research into the target audience, and the eye for a compatible style, we bring visibility along with attention to brands that need a fresh look.

We start from collecting and interpreting trends and insights, to grasp a be understanding of who your brand is, what your offerings are, and to identify your audiences of various layers.

Though boundless original thinking and planning, we strive to help clients stay culturally relevant by creating powerful, engaging and sharable contents while amplifying these messages via influencers, thus continuously support our clients with the most exciting and refreshing, yet practical and effective media and social communications solutions.